Aiko "Hajime" Sorayama

Japanese street fighter



Body 10
Mind 2
Soul 3

Attack Value: 5 (9)
[(Body+Mind+Soul /3) Round down]
Defense Value: 5 (9)
[(Body+Mind+Soul /3) Round up]

Health Points: 65 (85)
[(Body+Soul) x5]

Energy Points: 25
[(Mind+Soul) x5]

Shock Value: 13
[Health Points /5]

Appearance 1
Combat Mastery 4
Damn Healthy! 2
Extra Attacks 1
Heavy Armor, Hidden 3 (-12 damage, as she’s too late to take all the damage)

Easily Distracted 2 (Naps, Drinking, Smoking, Being Late)
Guy Magnet 1 (2 annoying suitors)
Marked 1 (Tattoo)
Phobia 1 (Falling in love)
Unique Character Defect 2 (Always Late no matter how hard she tries – the source of her melancholy)


Aiko is ALWAYS late. It’s like her power. It extends to wounds not bleeding on time and her not being where she is expected when someone tries to hit her.
She is always a beat behind in comprehending things, too.

Aiko "Hajime" Sorayama

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