Christopher "Blind Boss" Buckley

Bar Owner, Labor Leader



Body 10
Mind 3
Soul 5

Attack Value:
[(Body+Mind+Soul /3) Round down]
Defense Value:
[(Body+Mind+Soul /3) Round up]

Health Points:
[(Body+Soul) x5]

Energy Points:
[(Mind+Soul) x5]

Shock Value:
[Health Points /5]



A former conductor on the Omnibus Railway Company’s North Beach and South Park line, Buckley started bar-tending at McGuire’s Snug Saloon in 1862.

After joining the Democratic Party, Buckley became blind.

His blindness causes him to compensate by memorizing city ordinances, contracts, and other documents after having them read to him. He is able to recognize people just by their handclasp when shaking hands, prompting the local Chinese population to refer to him as maang paak gwai, meaning the “blind pale spirit.”

Though he has never held public office, it is said that Buckley rules the San Francisco Democratic Party as a so-called “saloon boss”.

Christopher "Blind Boss" Buckley

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