Xigma / Baltazar De Benedetti

Young, Utterly Heretical Syncretist Jesuit Troublemaker




Attack Value:
[(Body+Mind+Soul /3) Round down]
Defense Value:
[(Body+Mind+Soul /3) Round up]

Health Points:
[(Body+Soul) x5]

Energy Points:
[(Mind+Soul) x5]

Shock Value:
[Health Points /5]



Baltazar De Benedetti/Xigma was born to an Italian trapper father and an Muwekma Ohlone shamaness the same year the aliens came. Given the arming up for war and the surprising surrender, miscegenation wasn’t the highest priority “problem” for people at the time and the family largely slid under the radar. Though, due to his father’s humble resources and the troubles his mothers people were dealing with, Baltazar was sent off to the Santa Barbara Mission when he was about 13. He was sent that far away… largely cause the SF Mission was a shit hole. Wanting to impress his father, both of the paternal and sacred variety, he threw himself into his studies, went on to a Jesuit seminary, finally becoming both the first Native American Jesuit priest and one of the youngest ordained priests in the Americas. He never told anyone about the Coyote dreams he had been having since childhood. Sent back to San Francisco to bring Catholicism to the increasingly Protestant area and to the remaining Native American population, he has made a name for himself as an orator… and a trouble-maker. Priest aren’t supposed to hit sinners out in the streets, gamble irresponsibly, loudly call on the power of spirits and saints for power, use pagan medicines, or do ‘odd jobs’ to pay debts and get by… but, well, maybe he learned as much from Coyote as he did from the Jesuits.

Xigma / Baltazar De Benedetti

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