Kintama Sunset characters are all flawed and find a sense of community among the misfits of the theater district. They can’t work an 8 to 5 job. They get by with a little help from their friends and offer their help in return. Every day is different and every job a new adventure.

Everyone should have at least 1 flaw which has a significant impact on daily life and can be seen as a defining trait. For example: lack of control of super strength, obsession with practicing a no longer economically viable profession, sadism while a police officer, obsession with fashionable clothes or illegal firearms or vehicles, alcoholism and chronic drunkenness, comically poor vision, comically bad body odor, obsession with wearing disguises while unskilled at making disguises, always wearing a costume or anachronistic or distinctive clothing while a fugitive, etc. in general, these major traits should be able to cause homelessness or incarceration or accidental death. The reason they generally don’t is because you have friends around to help out.

Also, consider at least 2 smaller traits such as enjoying sweets, animals, putting gravy or ketchup on everything, listening to youth music while old or old-timers music while young, playing a particular game or no-longer-current video game, being a fan of an actor or musician or sea captain, or dressing in all red.

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