James K Polk signed a treaty with the “Sky People” in 1849 (the year the aliens arrived).

From 1850 to 1860, the sky people slowly increased their influence. They produced amazing devices and shared some of their technology and knowledge. Slavery was abolished by the sky people in 1859 (but bonded labor is still fully supported and practiced by the sky people). In the same year, Washington announced a “consensus” with the sky people and future public office elections would be “unnecessary”.

After the 1860 appointment of Democrat Stephen A. Douglas, seven southern states declared their secession from the United States. For four years, the country fought first an open and later a guerrilla war against the sky people. Three quarters of a million men died in the conflict. The people who continue armed resistance against the sky people refer to themselves as “American Loyalists”.


San Francisco is now a mix of one- and two- story wooden buildings to shining, chrome towers. It’s people range from staunch traditionalists to super-modern cosmopolitans.

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