Luzhou Laojiao (泸州 老窖)

Lazy Drunken Master with an Insatiable Appetite



Body: 9
Mind: 6
Soul: 7

Attack Value: 7 (10)
[(Body+Mind+Soul /3) Round down]
Defense Value: 8 (11)
[(Body+Mind+Soul /3) Round up]

Health Points: 80 (110)
[(Body+Soul) x5]

Energy Points: 65
[(Mind+Soul) x5]

Shock Value: 22
[Health Points /5]

Attractive: 2
Combat Mastery: 3
Damn Healthy!: 3
Extra Attacks: 1

Easily Distracted: 2 (Video Games, Liquor, Junk Food)

35 point character


Luzhou likes to say that he came to San Francisco because he hated the oppression of the puppet Alien regime in his home Sichuan. More likely, he just liked the taste of whisky over baijiu and followed the flavor across the ocean. Regardless, one day he woke up on a dock in the port of San Francisco surrounded by badly beaten soldiers. Since then, he has been hanging around layabouts with similarly rebellious tenancies and continuing his training… which amounts to drinking heavily, eating junk food, and playing copious amounts of fighting video games.

Luzhou Laojiao (泸州 老窖)

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